Tuesday, December 17, 2013

China Trip Day 1 - Let's See Xian

It's year end and everyone seems to take off for a vacation.... we went to China for a cold holiday. It was an early morning flight 12 something in the morning kind of odd to travel at this time.
The flight took 6 and the half hours to reach Beijing and another 3 hours waiting to catch a domestic flight to Xian....the food was lousy at Terminal 2 (domestic) airport of Beijing.
We checked into Bell Tower Hotel facing the famous Xian Bell Tower building and it is the centre point of Xian.
 Let's see the city of Xian on a Sunday and it was eat, eat and eat at the street of Xian...so many stalls so many foods and so many people....the atmosphere was lively and the Chinese here are so fashionable...
We wasted no time and joined in the fun of savouring new taste....
 This is an exciting stall selling twist potato .... nice looking food and actually tasted very good indeed.....

 Everyone was enjoying eating out on the street.....

 Everywhere was crowded ...the traffic, the pavement and the subway....
After a rest we came out in the evening for more sights and this time we headed to the Muslim community. Another attraction of Xian that must be visited.
 Our first attempt of the evening was a beef noodle at this stall .... a strong flavoured soup delight.

Mutton satay is like at every corner .....
 We were attracted by these people and were curious about their food.

Let's go in and try it out!
The business was so good and the boss was busy promoting their goodness.
Pan cake with minced meat and Chinese chives (ku chai) ... awesome!
The noodle is like pan mee in KL (pull dough) with beef and the soup is slightly sourish but gorgeous.
He is Haji Harun, speaks a few words of Malay and interestingly he is related to the former Chief Minister of Perak, Dato' Mohammad Nizar.
 What an interesting day of eating adventure.... food that are we have never tried before .... and that's was our Day 1. 

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