Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Discovery of An Old Reservoir in Ampang, Bukit Kembara

A group of cyclist friends gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.
We left Dataran Merdeka for Ampang.
As usual the traffic was congested in the evening and we have to sneak through whatever space available in between the vehicles.
This is at the front of KLCC Twin Towers.
The oldest shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur - Ampang Park.
Cutting through a posh & quiet residential housing at Ampang Hilir.
And finally we arrived at Taman TAR for an amazing discovery.
We had to go through a mature footpath in between two bungalows with our bicycles. The GPS coordinates at this entrance is 3.166435,101.774452
I guess they called it "Bukit Kembara", some called it Ampang Reservoir, Empangan Ampang and Tasik Ampang maybe there are still other names around.
The hike from where we parked our bicycles was not far probably a 15 minutes walk. The path is well maintained with rope railings and easy steps. 
Here we were.... at an old reservoir built in 1892 and looking at the condition it's likely not functioning anymore. The GPS coordinates of this structure is 3.166248,101.777413. What an awesome scenery with water & beautiful greenery....
The short trail to the reservoir.
Beneath the reservoir is an abandoned water concrete structure where there is no more water in it but with shrubs and flower beds.
 A piped stream water running into a container for visitors to use.

A quick drip in the stream and fun at the waterfall before we leave the place.
Amidst the crazy city there is this nice stream that could take away your blues away. Though the waterfall is nothing spectacular but good enough to ease your mind.
Somewhere near Ampang Point we set ourselves there for a Hainanese Western Foods and the food was undeniably good.
Well done friends - Now I know there is such a place in Ampang. Thanks Jeff for leading us here and HaPpY Thanksgiving!!!

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