Sunday, December 22, 2013

China Trip Day 4 - Xian to Beijing

Simply love the breakfast here, good, convenient and last one before we say good bye to the food of Xian.
The Airport of Xian... the security is very strict & thorough even for a domestic flight. We were travelling on China Eastern Airlines.
The chicken noodle in the plane was lousy I think Malaysian Nasi Lemak would be better.
On the bright side Tsingtao beer was good.
My first time to Beijing.
As planned, a driver waited to take us to our hotel and a peep at the air & traffic condition of Beijing from the car. The visibility was satisfactory and improving according to the driver.
After checking in the Prime Hotel at Wang Fu Jing Street, I asked the concierge for the nearest bicycle shop. I wanted to visit a Dahon store but all were not in a walking distance so this shop was the closest to the hotel.
Interestingly this shop sells second bicycle ... I wish I can get one back to KL.
In the land of many bicycles..... I reckon it's lesser now if compare to ten years back.
We don't have traffic light for bicycle in Malaysia and I just couldn't wait to pedal in Beijing.
The subway in Beijing started operating in 1969 and has grown to 17 lines and is still expanding. It is surely a convenient way of commuting in a city like Beijing. The fare is cheap with good rail network. We took one from Dongsi Station to Tiananmen West Station for a maiden visit.
As I walked up from the underground station I could smell the air of Tiananmen and could not wait to see it in real.
The common features of Tiananmen Square.

One of the public toilets of Beijing.
Our hotel is situated at the far end of Wang Fu Jing Street (the quieter end), we walked  up the street and could see more & brighter light and more people. This street calligrapher seems to be there every night.
Whenever we pass by this church during the night there will be people dancing. What a great way to socialise, exercise and keep them warm during the time of winter. By the way this church is known as St. Joseph's Church 大聖若瑟堂.or WangFuJing Church.

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