Tuesday, December 31, 2013

China Trip - Day 9 Home Sweet Home

The morning started with an excitement, we weren't sure whether a driver will turn up to pick us at the hotel at 6a.m as scheduled. There was no call or message from anyone the night before. Thank goodness he did turn up & in time. That was surely a great relief. We just cannot afford to miss the flight back.
After obtaining our boarding passes we went hunting for food and found this China fast food chain called "Kung Fu" with a Bruce Lee label.  We had porridge, mee hun soup, glutinous rice and a steamed egg with minced meat. The food was reasonably good.
Yes, it is back to Kuala Lumpur to face reality and a 5 and the half hours flight journey .....so sit back & relax......
The result of exposing to cold weather, my skin got dried, cracked & bled. Well it's healing now.
The custom officer at KLIA trusted my words and he let me through without opening the box. Of course it was true that an used folding bicycle was in the the box with some dirty laundry. 
Cycling in Beijing was a good experience for me, the pollution from the traffic is not as bad as in Kuala Lumpur. I did not see any black smoke coming out from any buses and half of them are electric operated. 
The availability of bicycle lanes is extensive in Beijing and KL needs to learn leh...
 I would love to cycle in Beijing again but not during any cold season. 
The places I visited using my bicycle as shown in red.

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