Sunday, May 04, 2014

Tour of South Thailand III - Day 6 (17/04) Songkhla to Hatyai

Our holiday was about to end, it's Day 6 in Songkhla. I was greeted in Japanese when we walked into this shop...I told him we are not Nihonjin but Malaysian-jin  and my "nihongo only sukoshi ne". 

He used to work in Japan many years back for 10 over years I guess he misses Japan. Anyway his chicken rice is "oishii ne'. Domo arigato gomase.
Michelle's rear tyre had to be fixed.
Meanwhile my tummy was not in the best condition and it had to be fixed too... Andrew accompanied me to hunt for a loo.
About 45 minutes later we regrouped at a market and had local coffee before we continued the journey.
Route 407 was the road we took for Hatyai from Songkhla.
A bit of mild climb on this route.
At the fringe of Hatyai.
Turning into the city centre.
Our first destination at Hatyai a bicycle shop selling Vespa scooter too.
The boss Paul helping me to fix a double kick stand.
Now my bike is stable when she is stationery.
We are back for our favourite Siew Yuk.
We visited Bike Cafe Hatyai like we did during the last trip.
A short walk from G2 Hotel for a Hot Pot dinner.
The place for dinner and the same place we came on our last tour.
It was time to celebrate the completion of the tour with a distance of about 270km. Cheer to TOST III.
Another great Thai cuisine on the last night in Thailand.
Waiting for the hot pot to be ready.
Good Night!

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