Monday, May 05, 2014

Tour of South Thailand III - Day 7 (18/04) Journey Back from Hatyai

Good Morning Hotel G2 Hatyai, breakfast was included in our package but we wanted some local Hatyai food beside a simple morning coffee.
Before we could venture into the food outside the hotel we had solved a small problem with Patric's bicycle.
It was a beautiful morning in the city as we rode on the streets and found our favourite pork porridge shop.
Definitely the breakfast was better than G2.
Another puncture occurred on the way back something was wrong with the rim after a service he had done at a shop. Patric has caused some anxiety making me to run errand for a spare tube....anyway it was another small trouble with good experience.
All properly packed and we were ready for the train to Kuala Lumpur.
It's kind of mandatory to stop at this boat noodle shop even though we were still full but we just had to eat it before we leave Hatyai.
I had a small bowl 20 baht and the taste was still awesome. How nice if I can have one now.
Inside of the shop where the best taste of boat noodle is found.
Time to fold our bikes, bag it and wait for the train.
Better to be early than late we have plenty of time so we loitered at the train station we tried to utilise as much as possible of our our data plan....what's more facebook lah.
It was 3 something in the afternoon and the train is ready for boarding. That's was all I had 2 panniers and the bagged folding bicycle, it was slightly heavier with some extra items added in.
Our bagged bikes have caused a bit of hindrance at the aisle but there was no issue at all it could be done.
My upper berth for a 12 hour cradling to KL most importantly I could sleep without any problem. As mentioned earlier the fare was RM54.00 and RM6.00 more for the lower berth.
Not only for sleeping we ate on the bed too. There is actually a canteen at the last coach but we had "tapau" some Thai economical rice for dinner and it was my last Thai meal of the trip...
I woke up early it seems everyone was still sleeping and I took a walk to the cafe with Patric for coffee. 
Sam & Michelle have always prefer the seat instead of the berth.
Before 6.30am I touched the ground of Kuala Lumpur old KTM Station while the rest ended the train ride at KL Sentral and I was ready to cycle back home.
I reached home at 9am after a detour to Titiwangsa for a breakfast and realised that my holiday has ended. I shall venture for more bike touring....who want to follow....hehehe. It was a great trip I want to thank Sam Cheong & Roger for their great efforts in planning this trip and also thank Michelle, Andrew & Patric for their great company.

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