Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Heong Kee Beggars' Chicken (叫化鸡) Ulu Kelang

It was a Wednesday evening a group of folding bicycle enthusiasts made a trip to Ulu Kelang from Lake Titiwangsa for a taste of beggars' chicken. The weather wasn't kind to us we had to made 2 stops before we could reach New Heong Kee. This restaurant has been in existence for more than 50 years old and surprisingly not many are aware of it. An old posting of mine can be seen here.
Everything was a last minute call, the decision to ride and to eat at New Heong Kee Restaurant. Though the food had to pre order but all went well for the evening.
The melon soup (Chang Sheng Pu Lao) was marvelous and not much to share from this melon for 12 of us but enough to savour the lovely taste of it.
Beggars' pork trotter was another delicious dish on the table.
Mackerel fish paste stuffed into a "fish" was better than the one I had at Jugra recently.
The glutinous oyster rice was also baked in the beggar's way and it's delicious. I must say the food at Ulu Kelang is better and tastier  than Jugra's so you need not have to travel far for this specialty.
The highlight of the ride was this chicken which I called the event as "Beggars' Chicken Run".
Some of us visited the backyard of the restaurant to see how the beggars' food are being prepared. Joe had the honour to break one of our food in hardened clay blocks.
The dishes you might want to try.
Our appetite were superb that evening we made additional orders to ensure a full satisfaction was achieved. Obviously we left the restaurant with smiling faces.
Even though we were caught in the wet weather but everyone seems to enjoy the ride with a detour of up and down riding at Zooview. Cheers!!!

New Heong Kee Restaurant
446, Batu 7.5, Jalan Ulu Klang
68000 Selangor
Tel: 03-4106 8698

GPS : 3.201150, 101.761016

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