Thursday, July 10, 2014

Canadian Trip 2014 Day 4 - Capilano Suspended Bridge Vancouver

The return journey was an interesting one I took a wrong direction northwards to Grouse Mountain which I thought I could loop back to the city. It was only after a distance of climbing I felt something was amiss and needed a correction immediately.
Destination - Capilano suspended bridge going via Stanley Park. This is the statue of Harry Jerome, a national track and field runner. (1940 - 1982) located next to the cycle lane.
The exit to Lions Gate Bridge was not difficult to find except to be careful when approaching the main road where you might need to go through a bit vegetation. What a cool connection to the bridge.
I was excited when I saw the giant structure standing right in front of me after coming out of Stanley Park. I was not sure whether it was cycle-able or not and was glad to see bicycle and pedestrian lanes on both sides of this green bridge.
Yes Capilano I am coming....
Getting to this attraction wasn't difficult afterall.
It was a busy day at the park with bus loads of visitors coming to check this bridge.
One will roughly spend an hour or so to complete seeing the attractions in this place.
Confused and unsure of the"loop" route back.
My sincere "Thank you" went to this young man for being so helpful if not for him I would have continued to pedal up the wrong way further.
I got lost again trying new ways back to the city and feeling a bit stressful especially at this busy highway junction...
After a couple of trials I was back to the route. Lions Gate Bridge when will I see you again.
A historical site of Canada opened in 1938, a suspended bridge connecting City of Vancouver to North and West of Vancouver.
After all the anxious moments I was back in comfort at the seaside of Stanley Park. What a wonderful relief at last.
A short stint of off road at Stanley Park in one of the many trails.
Lunch at this Vietnamese Restaurant.
Indeed it was a good and delicious Vietnamese beef noodles.
Thank you Spokes for the bicycle rental for 3.5 days and the bike has been part of this memorable ride. I spent $70 for it.

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