Thursday, July 24, 2014

Canadian Trip Day 12 - Let's Visit Lake Grassi, Canmore Alberta

It was a day we moved out of Calgary. Margaret drove us westward to Canmore and Banff to see more places of attraction which we did not pick up during our Western Trail by Key West Travel & Tours. I guess she drove at least 300 kilometres for the day.
Our first destination was Grassi Lakes Trail (near a town called Canmore) after a long drive from Panatella which is 120 kilometres away. Margaret was introducing her trekking poles to the KL ladies.
Hiking is something I hardly do but when you are at such a scenic place like this one when you must not miss it and go for it. Besides hiking this place is also popular for mountain biking and mountain climbing. Welcome to Grassi Lakes Trail.
So there are two turquoise blue lakes to see at the end of this trail so let's go check it out.

Thank you to Lawrence Grassi who built this trail back in 1920's. The weather was excellent with close big pine trees along the trail and occasionally we get to see some wild flowers.
There are two trails going to the lakes, the difficult trail comes with awesome scenic views of waterfalls, Bow Valley and Canmore town. We took the difficult trail up and the easy trail down. The hike was moderately easy, relaxing and fun with lots of photos taking.
Her name is Blazer and she is hyper active and fun. Thanks to her owner for allowing me to pose with her.
A good view at Bow Valley and at the far distance is Canmore Town.
Lawrence Grassi was an Italian who migrated in 1912 to work in the railway construction and coal mines. He was very passionate with mountains and made a name for himself in Canmore as far as mountains are concerned in Alberta.
The timber logs bridge with loud gushing chilled water beneath.
I was testing the temperature of the water and it is chilling cold leh.....

Grassi Lakes was voted one of the Special Places of Alberta in 2000.
The lake is so spectacular with turquoise blue water an ideal place for a calender picture shooting.

Mountain climbing activity in progress.
Having a feel and grip of mountain climbing I think I am over aged for this kind of sport.
Just look at the crystal clear water (I submerged my camera partially for this shot).
Some of the beautiful flowers seen along the trail.
The 4.5km walk took us nearly two hours another fantastic opportunity to have visited Grassi Lakes Trail. A beautiful place I shall remember.

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