Thursday, July 03, 2014

Restoran Fu Man Tanjong Malim

It was near lunch time my mum would love to eat her meal on time and we were on our way back to Kuala Lumpur. The nearest place to have lunch was Tanjung Malim. In fact my mum remembered Restoran Fu Man where I brought her once after she described its signature dish deep fried salted pork belly. We reached Tanjung Malim about 11.30 plus and could see two Singaporean cars parked near it, pretty popular among the Singaporeans.
Fried fish fillet was good, mum was comfortable and paired well with her plain rice.
This was it the highlight of the visit crispy and juicy deep fried salted pork belly but not salty at all. Simply love it. In fact we "tapao" an extra portion back home.
Mrs. Chew, thank you for the delicious food and your pricing is reasonable. I wish you good business and we will be back.
Just next 2 doors away my mum and sis were busy buying local pastry while waiting for the food to be served. Well, this place has been marked and a good detour for a good meal and shopping.
Restoran Fu Man
31, Jalan U1
Taman Universiti
Tanjung Malim
Tel: 05-459-7620
GPS :3.683583, 101.530056

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