Friday, July 25, 2014

Canadian Trip Day 12 - More Visits at Canmore & Banff, Alberta

We decided to visit Canmore Town for a lunch after our hiking at Grassi Lakes Trail. I like Canmore for its originality especially the old buildings on the main road. Canmore started off as a coal mining town and currently with a population of around 13,000 people.
Tourism industry has caught up in Canmore over the years for being a simple small old town and I like the 100 over years old Canmore Hotel just like what we see in the cowboy movies.

We went walking around the town hunting for a right food to eat and we picked The World of Burgers.
The menu on the wall with free flow of coke.
The French Burger from the International Burgers listing.
My choice of The Mexican Burger with my choice of salad topping from the salad bar. Lovely bun, chunky home made patty and the portion is reasonably big. 
I love this yummy burger.
Let's walk in the town after a happy meal.
I love Canada because of its lovely summer weather and its cycling culture how I wish I could cycle around Canmore. 
They even have public bicycle repair station with pump at the road side.
This is the birth place of Canada National Parks and has been designated as the National Historical Site of Canada located in Banff. Yes, we drove from Canmore to Banff which is about 26km away and once again we were back to Banff for the second time.
The discovery of this cave and its hot basin has been a great find. It is now being protected and preserved for visitors to understand the value of this creation.
The amazing historical bathing pavillion.
We went over to the Upper Hot Springs of Banff, a commercially developed amentities for the public to use.
At the pool with a good view across the valley to Mount Rundle, it was packed with people in the pool.
Slightly further down there is a small pool where we dipped our legs  to enjoy the thermal water supposedly to be good for the legs.
Rejuvenating at the small hot springs pool just before we called it a day.

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