Thursday, April 16, 2015

Japan 2015 - Day 2 Discovering Inner Kyoto with Bromptons

So this is the first accommodation in this tour, Seta Urban Hotel, it is near a train station (about four stations away from Kyoto) it's quiet and nothing bustling like downtown Kyoto but Seta has its own charm especially if you don't mind seeing how the local lives and away from the crowded tourists' spots. We were here to explore Japan with the help of our folding bicycles and we shall see in depth.
It was a wet day with occasional drizzle to chill our first exploration to the tip of Lake Biwa. Generally Japan has good and awesome cycle paths that are pretty friendly including good traffic signage almost at every corners. Jo was equally excited about it she surely enjoyed the ride despite the cold and wet condition. The most thrilling moment for Jo was all the cherry flowers and it was seen at almost everywhere in Kyoto.
Seeing places with bicycles is a great way to enjoy the holiday we could stop at places as and when we feel like it.
The lake side is beautiful with lots of colourful cherry blossom and we could see water activities such as boating and birds every where at the place. As we cycled south wards to reach Seta River and which is actually linking to Lake Biwa.
Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan we were only doing a tiny portion of a common cycling route, in fact we were moving away from the lake at the south. Maybe I will do the entire loop of Lake Biwa next time.
The ride to the tip of the lake was serene and lovely, we used this bridge to cross to the other side of the lake on our return journey.
A pit stop for some warm and hot coffee, not forgetting a piece of cake.
Cherry blossom is every where and over here you need not have to scramble with others to enjoy the beauty.
A satisfied dame completing her first biking adventure overseas despite the drizzle and the cold. Well Done!!!
After a short rest back at the hotel we decided to go to Kyoto down town for further sight seeing. By the way the fare to Kyoto station from Seta Station was 320円.
Here we were at Kyoto Station to see what most people come to Kyoto for and we hope we could also do it with our bicycles.
The old narrow alley of Ponto Cho and Gion are rather interesting especially in this season full of cherry blossom and these are the most beautiful streets in Kyoto. So if you want to see cherry blossom in Kyoto please go during the time between end of March and early April, I bet you will like it.
If you are lucky you might spot some geisha girls but if you don't there are many in kimono costumes for you to see too just like the ones in the picture.
Everywhere was crowded both by the local visitors and foreign visitors. We enjoyed the old atmosphere of olden days of Japanese setting. I love the sight.
It was getting dark and time to eat again, our appetite were super good in this cold condition in Japan and we can really eat.
Till then we shall see you again for the next discovery of Japan.

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