Friday, April 24, 2015

Japan 2015 - Day 7 Onomichi Here We Come

Bye bye Ryokan Yamazaki and Kyoto, the room we had in this place was the biggest in this trip though it is old but most importantly it's clean and we like it.
We rode to the nearest train station which was Hanazono Station it takes only a 3km ride from Ryokan Yamazaki.
Here we were at Kyoto Station again this time we were heading to a cycling haven in a city called Onomichi.
The super express train, Shinkansen to take us towards Hiroshima but we were not going all the way there yet, we will have to stop at Fukuyama Station in order to take a connecting local train to Onomichi.
The damage for the train ride was 10,440 yen for two persons.
Changing to a local train for Onomichi, the train operator cum conductor is a super friendly in helping us confirming the train then to the extent ushering us to the platform of Onomichi. Arigatogozaimas.
The first impression I got on Onomichi is that the place a bicycle town, everywhere is about bicycle and I could smell the scent of a cycling haven.
A designated area was found for setting your bike at the station.
One for the album at Onomichi Station.
We went round the town and found our 1 night accommodation, we couldn't check in yet as we were too early. We left our stuff there and went roaming in the surrounding areas.
I realised that there are many similar concept of this with a roof covering over a road and used it as shopping arcade in Japan.
We went across a railway line towards the hill into a place seemingly like the olden Onomichi with houses at the hill slope. We even visited an AEON shopping mall in the area.
Our place for a lunch at Onomichi Street, it is a kind of youngsters joint and they sell pretty cool meals.
My savouring started again with ramen.
Everything is compact in the shop and very inch means a lot, this is how cramp the eating table is with a separate wall shelf for the extra stuff for the table.
The roaming continued seeking for more hidden corners of Onomichi.

It was a Sunday we could understand that many cyclists would swarm this town during the weekend and head to the islands for a Shimanani Kaido Cycling adventure. I couldn't wait until tomorrow for ours.
Some of the friends we met at Guesthouse Yadocurly
 and hello to Yudi from Kyoto and two others from Hiroshima.
Our room's window overlooking the port of Onomichi.
Another view from the side opening of our private room.
An experience staying in such a guesthouse with shared toilet and bathroom at the ground floor while of the private room at the second floor.
An awesome experience of sharing a dinner with new friends at the guesthouse, chatting and learning about one and another.
With the owner of Guesthouse Yadocurly.

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