Friday, April 10, 2015

Japan Trip 2015 With Bicycles - Day 1

It was some time in December 2014 when we came across an advertisement on a special offer for cheap flight tickets by our local airlines we decided to go to Japan for a sakura experience. It had to be either at the end of March or early April and the tickets were booked and paid online. We had to plan the itinerary from Osaka to Tokyo.
Originally we were supposed to visit Osaka and slowly move northwards to Tokyo where we will leave Japan from there but after several considerations and talking with friends and also from the internet we decided to abort Osaka though we landed at the city. The date 5 April 2015 was marked on the calendar for a mid night flight to Osaka.
Unfortunately this flight MH52 was delayed for nearly 6 hours we only knew about it when we wanted to print out our boarding passes from home and our anxiety went escalating as we waited till morning to catch the flight. Xiang Yi fetched us to KL Sentral Terminal to catch the last train (ERL) to KLIA even though we were very early. We just wanted to be sure that we did not miss our flight and to resolve whatever confusion and complication we had over the departure. Suddenly I lost fate in MAS.
So instead of leaving at 11.45pm 05 April 2015 as per the original schedule we left at 5.30am the following day. It was a nearly 6 and the half hours journey to Osaka and the plane landed smoothly at Kansai International Airport.
The first thing we did was to collect a Japanese Sim card for our data usage which I have paid for it via internet. It was 15 days usage package that cost about RM125.00. Everything was in order I got the sim card without any hitch all I need to do is to show my passport and within minute I got it.
The next thing was to locate the Airline Bus terminal for a bus to Kyoto Station.
The bus fare was 2,550¥  with 1 stop in between.
We reached Kyoto Station without any delay, the station is a huge station and it was a kind of war zone for us with language problem and moving around with our heavy stuff. Somehow we made it without much of a problem the Japanese people are friendly, in fact we were assisted by a super kind lady taking us right to the platform and guiding us to watch out on the actual arrival time of our train to Seta. We finally reached Seta town and it was time to unveil our Bromptons for the first time in Nihon.
Some of the parts to be assembled back to the bicycles, they were taken out for precautionary measures against any possible damages.
All was satisfactorily assembled with 4 deflated tyres pumped up and it seems that the bikes have arrived without any damage to our bikes. We were ready to roll with all these bulky stuffs on the bike. Luckily the hotel was nearby in fact we over shot the location and made a circular route, finally we checked ourselves into the hotel.
After a good rest and clean up we took a short ride around the area to hunt for dinner. We opted for this place not too far from Seta Urban Hotel. It was raining slightly we didn't want to move any further as we were very hungry.
We accidentally parked one of our bikes here in the drizzle and it cost us 300yen for it. It took me a while to unlock it. At least I learn how to use it.
This place is supposedly popular for their BBQ chicken but we find it too tough to chew and too smoky to our liking maybe it is what the locals love it. The beer was good to help me with the food.
Sashimi was fresh and delicious I like it ... oishi ne....

That was our Day 1of our Japan 2015 travel and we are looking forward experiencing the next 14 days in the Land of the Rising Sun. See you again Sayorana .....

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My dream is to go to Japan !!! japanese cousin is my number 1 :)