Sunday, April 26, 2015

Japan 2015 - Day 9 Matsuyama - Hiroshima

"Ohayou gozaimasu (おはようございます)Matsuyama, we actually do not have to worry too much about our bicycles getting lost in Japan. It's safe like they used say.

We found out that we went to the wrong Onsen last night and now we were back to the same area for Dōgo Onsen (道後温泉) the hot spring in the city with remarkable long history in Matsuyama.
Dōgo Onsen is one of the oldest onsen hot springs in Japan, with a history stretching back over 1,000 years. Let's get naked in the public and have a good bath.

The last time the Emperor visited Dōgo was in the 1970s, but the curious can peek into the rooms (15 minute tour without bathing: ¥250 adults, ¥120 children.) There is also an exhibition room that features artifacts from the various stages of Dōgo's history. There are two types of baths in the honkan for both men and women

If I can I want to be a part time rickshaw worker outside Dogo Onsen.
By the way the Onsen we fisrt visited the night before.
Though it was a brief stay at Sen guesthouse we will definitely remember this place and thank to Matthew and Nori. Hope to see you again.
A brief rounding at Matsuyama where we were trying to get to Matsuyama Castle.
Matsuyama Castle (松山城, Matsuyamajō) is one of Japan's twelve "original castles". It is located on Mount Katsuyama, a steep hill in the city center that provides visitors with a bird's eye view of Matsuyama and the Seto Inland Sea.
I gave up hiking up to the castle but instead I was at the bottom keeping an eye on the baggage and the bikes.
Matsuyama is another clean and beautiful city.
Our bus tickets from Matsuyama to Shin-Onomichi, our original plan was to take a train to Imbari then a bus to Onomichi but was told that there are bus services straight to Onomichi.
This restaurant at Matsuyama Station looks interesting, let's have brunch here.
I just could not resist the ramen while Jo was trying to avoid it as much as possible.
A side dish of fried chicken to satisfy our appetite.
Exactly on the dot the bus arrived and we were on the way to Hiroshima.
Let relax and in no time we will be in Hiroshima.
I could smell trouble on the way, the bus was going to Shin-Onomichi Station and not Onomichi Station these are two different places. We got no choice but unpack our bikes upon arrival at Shin-Onomichi and cycle to Onomichi Station.
After cycling for 5km to got to the right place and we were slightly wet with the last minute rain.
We could have travel straight to Hiroshima but we could not because we have kept some of our stuff in the locker here. These are intelligent lockers, they know that you have kept your things for more than 24 hours and you have to add coins to open it.
Our fare to Hiroshima from Onomichi.
Our departure from Onomichi Station, bye bye and I hope I can come back to this station again to see more of this cycling haven.
We need to catch a local train to Mihara before boarding a JR to the final destination of the day.
Here we were in another city in the night going through tunnel and short cuts before we could get into our warm bed.
Finally we found the hotel, another great place to stay in fact this was one of the best place we have stayed.
A place for a good and cheap meal.
Both the pork and beef were gorgeous. 
A quiet city saying good night.
おやすみなさい - oyasuminasai

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