Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Japan 2015 Day 5 - Kinosakionsen - Ryokan Yamazaki, Kyoto

Good morning Kinosaki Tenboen, I must try the onsen before I leave the place, it was cold at the outside and was drizzling. The best part of it was that the onsen was empty all to myself and without hesitating I took out my camera for a few shots. Such a beautiful sight just like a scene you see in the movie.
At last I was in the hot pool filled with water from the natural hot spring ... enjoying a traditional onsen by myself. What a good experience indeed.
Sayorana we have to leave Kinosaki Tenboen. I shall remember this place as long as I am around.
Our ride to the station was smooth and the weather in the morning was superb.
At the ticketing counter buying our tickets to the next destination. We were trying to get one that is closest to Ryokan Yamazaki the hotel that we will be staying for the next 2 nights. Ryokan Yamazaki is not located along any main train line but is still accessible via connecting local trains.
We decided to disembark at Nijo Station forgo our fares for the local connecting trains and cycle to Yamazaki Ryokan. The weather wasn't friendly but we proceeded slowly and pedal by pedal we move on.
The distance from Nijo Station to Ryokan Yamazaki is about 7km but I decided to take a detour to visit a bicycle shop. My Oregon device indicated about 3km to the shop. And finally we found Loro World Recumbents and managed to buy the small spare parts for a friend.
Loro sells Brompton bicycles and some interesting accessories but unfortunately I could buy any due to our limitation of our luggage (We were travelling light hence no shopping).
From Loro World Recumbents to Ryokan Yamazaki is about another 8km. The condition remained wet and cold but the ride continued.
On the way to the hotel we found a nice and warm place for a lunch.
My ramen again and they are always yummy.
  Fried dumplings called as "gyoza" that are served as a side dish with ramen. These dumplings are stuffed with a filing made out of vegetables and meat.
Another side dish on our table it was a plate of stir fried bean sprouts.
This was the toughest climb going over a train crossing in the drizzle with our bags and bicycles but we make it though it was painful .
The 8km ride seems long and tedious but we just have to move on to our destination.
The hotel we booked is located at the outskirt of Kyoto with narrow and winding roads and it was a bit stressful for Jo like going for a never reaching destination.
All drenched as we check into the hotel, Ryokan Yamazaki seems to be a family run operation. The chef who speaks a bit of English attended to us and lead us to our room.
A beautiful garden viewed from the dining area.
What a day of bike packing and the adventure of getting to Ryokan Yamazaki, we just could resist ourselves for a nice sake and dinner before we rest our bodies. Good night.

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Elaine said...

Hi, enjoying your posts and thanks for guys are great with all the cycling! I will be going to Kyoto end of the year, so thanks for sharing.