Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Day 14 Korea Cycling Adventure - Busan Exploration

Good morning Busan we were fresh and ready to explore Busan, the 4th largest city in South Korea before that our breakfast at Kobongmin Gimbap.
Another wonderful place for a nice breakfast.
We ordered four different dishes of course not forgetting the gimbap.
As we find our way south towards Jagalchi market we came across beautiful waterfront with blue sea, ships, boats, containers, nice boulevards and statues like this. 
We were actually at the surrounding of Busan Port which is the largest port in South Korea and the fifth busiest container port in the world.
Jagalchi Market (부산 자갈치시장) is the largest seafood market in South Korea selling live and dried fish. Some are found in the complex and some are out at the road side.
It is also another place of attraction for tourists.
The market is located on the edge of Nampo Port (남포항)
Dried fish stalls are mostly seen at the road sides.
Moving over to International Market also known as Gukje Market, another popular place to shop and it is filled with so many shoppers locals and tourists like us.
Pusan International Film Festival Square, a place dedicated to the film industry with hand-printing of famous movie celebrities. 5 pairs of cycling legs from Malaysia were here too.
Our cycling mates checking the pricing of Korean cosmetics and a must buy item for the ladies.
Across the site of the yearly Pusan International Film Festival is Gwangbok-dong Cultural & Fashion Street which is full of shops selling everything from bargains to luxury items. 
There are so many alleys, shoe alley, bag alley, jewelry alley, eyeglasses alley, art alley and many more.
Our next mission was to search for the tower of Busan and this must in the right direction as we were going uphill.
Busan Tower is a 118-metre-high tower at Yongdusan Park, located in Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea.
It was time for the beach, Busan is famous for its beach. We took a train to Haeundae Beach.
As we surfaced from the underground train station we could feel the sea breeze and sight of a beautiful beach from a distance.
Haeundae beach is always crowded with human beings with thousands of people and parasols packed on the sandy beach. Visitors come from all over South Korea as well as outside of Korea.
Rolling through the food alley of Haeundae in search of something interesting and obviously we were hungry.
We agreed to try on this shop, something different from what we have been doing for our previous food adventures. So let's check out their dumplings.
There is a variety of dumplings with different fillings just like the Chinese Dim Sum but over here it is served in a bigger portion in a stainless steel trays..
Stole this picture from Joe, our meal at this dumpling shop, we actually shared table with the workers as there are limited tables in the shop.
One for the album with the boss of the shop, he was so supporting with willingly taking a pose with me. Kamsahamnida.
The ride to the temple strenuous as we climbed along Dalmaji Street overlooking into the blue sea.
Jo, Fenn and myself gave up at this spot and nothing beyond this point so we turned back to Busan City. Joe & Anne proceeded to take the challenge for Haedung Yonggungsa Temple.
We took an alternative route back looking for the closest train station.
I did not realise that Dalmaji street is famous for its cherry blossom during spring.
This man was incredible, he was so helpful insisting to guide us through in getting our train ride. There was a small "commotion" as we declined his offer to pay for our tickets, he won & managed to pay the tickets. Sorry we forgot to ask for his name. Sir, may you have a blessed life in Korea.
Backed to Dong Yang Motel and a little while later we were out again on the street for beer & burger at a pub called Chinguya & Kiyo. Joe & Anne joined us after their extended adventure.
This cafe that serves handmade burger known as "Tsushima Burger".


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