Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 13 Korea Cycling Adventure - Gyeongju to Busan

Good morning Sodamjeong, what's in the menu for breakfast. The kitchen facility at the Hanok stay.
What a lovely compound to have our morning meal. Thank you again.
Our last posing with Kim Eun Hee, our friendly host of Sodamjeong Hanok. We hope to come back again and all the best to Sodamjeong Hanok. It's simply a great stay in Gyeongju.
Our Bromptons neatly placed at the lower compartment of the bus and it's bye bye Gyeongju.
The fare from Gyeongju to Busan was 4,800KRW taking approximately 1 hour with a distance of 86km.
Busan here we come, our last destination for this tour.
Our enquiry session with the Tourist Information Centre at the Intercity Bus Terminal, we have to take a train from Sangsa Station to Busan Station. The lady is so shy to be photographed.
We love this Korean bulgogi burger and we were back for it at Busan Intercity Bus Terminal. Funny thing is the the second time did not taste as good as the first one.
Patbingsu, shaved ice to share and it was delicious.
Out of the underground at Busan Station, we saw a bus stop that we have to remember, we will be here on our last day to the airport. It is near to the motel where we were staying.

Our motel for the 3 nights located near Busan Station. The location is good and pricing is reasonable.
40 Steps in Busan located in Jung-gu is one of the interesting tourist place that reflects the time during the 50's & 60's when the country was downed with war. Many were misplaced during the war ant this area was kind of a meeting place to find one's loved ones and relatives.
The accordion man entertaining the folks and bringing up the atmosphere at a time during the war.
We were back on our wheels to see places in Busan.
After so many days in Korea and about almost all our meals came with lettuce for wrapping the food and rice. I have kind of enjoyed eating ssamgal, Here as we were cycling up to Gamcheon Cultural Village I saw potted lettuce outside a house.
Colourful houses built on the hill slope, steps or staircases are everywhere some slopes are steep and with many interesting alleys. Busan Gamcheon Village is so visible from a distance.
At the main entrance of the village and the beginning of the wonderful and colourful place, it's so refreshing to walk. Our Bromptons were kept in the Tourist Information office for a small fee.
Enjoying ice cream as I enjoyed being at the Cultural Village, it's simply colourful at every corners of it.
Dreaming of Machu Picchu in Busan
It was easy down hill rolling back to Busan centre
A brief visit through a covered market.
We had a good find at this BBQ restaunant called as Donenu 烤肉, the pork belly is simply gorgeous and always went well with the light Korean beer (Hite).

Good night from Busan Station. 
A clip of Day 13 - Busan

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