Monday, October 08, 2007

Hari Raya Puasa is coming

Last Hari Raya Puasa also fall in the month of October, and the one and only one open house I visited was my ex-boss' house in Hill View, Kuala Lumpur. The ex-boss is Encik Isham Ariff, his career started off as a Clerk of Work in the building industry and ended up as a corporate player in the PLC game. Understand he has retired from active corporate business and is now lying low in his private life.
Last year's raya was a good one as we, the ex-staff of Salinas Sdn Bhd have the opportunity to get together ever since the corportisation of the company took place sometimes in the late 80's. The company was taken over by Bedford Berhad and later changed its name to Hong Leong Properties Berhad. The original staff of the company slowly disminished as the corporate exercise got intensified. Probably we do not know how to survive in a big time corporate company, as one must be able to persevere and able to politick in the company and if you are not well verse in it and not willing to play along, then you might as well leave and start afresh in other smaller organisation.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this coming raya holidays, no plan yet but a proposed golf game is being arranged by Citizen Nades of The Sun, he is organising a round of golf in Kampung Kuantan among friends of RSC.

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