Friday, October 26, 2007

First Camping Adventure 17 - 21 November 1973

My first camping adventure at Teluk Bahang, Penang at the age of 15 together with Sim Khong Tat and Danny a.k.a Ah Hock both were also at the age of 15. I remember we had to carry a lot and a lot of stuffs for the trip, stuffs like heavy lorry canvas (the tent) which was the most inconvenient item of all, others were cooking utensils and mats that had to be secured at our small haversacks. The journey to Telok Bahang was by bus which started from Padang Serai to Butterworth Jetty, then followed by a ferry ride to Penang Island, thereafter we took two bus rides to Telok Pahang. The camp site was a beautiful next to the sea located before the town of Teluk Bahang.

Photo showing our camp site all completely set up. With me was Danny, we built several items like the  shelf, rack, stove and clothesline. My experience with the Scout movement did came in handy for this adventure. Drinking water was available nearby and it was a public tap found at the road side.

 Sim Khong Tat and me were cooking sardines for dinner as documented at the back of the photo.

This is the same army haversack I used it for this adventure which I am still keeping it.

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