Monday, October 22, 2007

Mr. P. S. Rou, my Teacher

Mr. P.S. Rou was my form Teacher (5 Merah) in 1975 and he taught us Physics. His teaching trade mark was his strictness and no nonsense in class, one must possess a dictionary in his / her bag during his class, if not, and you will have to stand on your chair throughout the class. He is now retired and living in India. The last time I met up with him was a couple of years back in Kelana Jaya Seafood Restaurant, Petaling Jaya with a group of Badlishians.

Of late, he managed to reply my email which I wanted to catch up on his life in India so that I can blog and share it with my friends. But..., yes but, as always a good and obedient student I have accepted an assignment from my teacher again after all these years.

He has requested me together with a new found friend of Mr. Rou from Kulim (now residing in Kuala Lumpur) by the name of Mr. Gopalakrishhnan to baby sit a young Indian boy during his transit period (18 hours) in Kuala Lumpur on 19 October 2007.

On the 18th October night, I met up with Gopalakrishhnan together with Tan Teow Choon at RSC where we mapped out our strategy on how to accomplish this assignment.

We fetched Rakesh Sarvanan Karikalan,18 at Hotel Allson Klana at Nilai, drove him to the city centre and had breakfast at Pelita, Jalan Ampang near KLCC. He loves the mamak food and said that the food is better than India. We then headed to Kiara where Gopalakrishhnan did the rest of the baby sitting. All the best to Rakesh in Sydney, he is now under going a flying course there.

Got this recent photo of 17th September 2007 from Mr. P.S. Rou via his email to me and he wrote this pertaining to the above event.

"Occasion: An endowment lecture; Topic: Treating the maladies of technical education in India. Speaker: An Engineering college principal. The organization: A trust named after the first principal of my almamater, where I did my H.Sc (Here in India, H.S.C classes are conduced in colleges); The other person: A medical doctor and a past chairman of the Trust. Current chairman of the trust: Your guess is as good as mine. Am pretty busy at least for the last six months. Suppose It’s a crime not observing the rule of kiss (keep it short, stupid)"

Keep up the good work, Mr. Rou.

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Anonymous said...

I never forget him either..I hv to run around the school looking fr dictionary before my physics class started..ha ha ha(god damnit!!)

Form 5 Biru