Monday, October 15, 2007

Karaoke @ Neway Times Square 14 October 2007

Before karaoke dad, a cup of corn please.........

Immediately after the Foochow food adventure, we headed to Times Square for a karaoke experience. Arrived at the door step of Neway Karaoke 15 minutes before 1.00pm. After registration, we had to wait for an announcement for the necessary admission, just like a factory shift. Our shift was the Happy Hour session from 1.00pm to 7.00pm.
. Jo checking the shifts with the kids.

The queue building up after we have registered ourselves. Neway Karaoke is becoming a very popular family karaoke in town, you can get the latest Chinese songs here and not elsewhere. That's their secret weapon in this business and they are Hong Kong based company.

A group photo session before we adjourned for Neway Karaoke.We got a big room No.27 with attached toilet and an online computer where Xiang Yi could be glued at the corner without harassing us to go back earlier. And of course some foods again during the session.

We requested for our bill at the end of the session, they said no bill, it is F.O.C. Everyone was amazed. I must thank CC Ng for her generosity for this treat. The whole group enjoyed this experience young and old. What a family outing.

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