Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Marina Mall - Biggest Mall @ Abu Dhabi

Marina Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Abu Dhabi located at The Corniche, a park-lined coastal boulevard fronting the blue ocean of Arabian Sea.
We tried some local Arab fast food from this stall. The Arab food is palatable being Asian. There are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Abu Dhabi, but there is a catch here and you must know it. There are many Chinese restaurants where foods are prepared by India nationality, sound weird right.... So you must know which Chinese restaurant to go for authentic Chinese food cooked by Chinese chefs. We know of three restaurants and had the chance to try two of them. Pork is also available in some shops or hotels. Having breakfast at the hotel we are staying cost us RM60.00 per head, eating somewhere near the hotel and nice Indian food cost us about RM8.50 per person where you can have two roti canai (bigger and nicer compared to Malaysia) with chicken or mutton masala including a cup of coffee and a glass of mineral water.

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