Monday, March 03, 2008

A Land of Plentiful Wealth - Abu Dhabi

This trip is truly an eye opener where you will realise that Abu Dhabi is going to be The Place to go for money making. Everything is moving very fast, abundance of opportunities, lots and lots of money in this Emirates country. Every citizen is a millionaire there, even the policemen (mind you, there is no corruption in this country). The richness of the Emirates is beyond imagination. Buildings sprouting up like nobody business. Tearing old building for a nicer and taller building. This is a common sight in Abu Dhabi.

If you really want a change of your fortune, then you should try there. Go for a final and decent lap of struggle before you call it a day.

It is really amazing how a desert settlement can grow into a rich and modern place. Dubai has proven to the world. Now Abu Dhabi is following her footsteps and it can not go wrong with the money and vision they have.

This is part of Al Reem Island and works are already in progress. Proudly to say that Malaysian flag is flying high here with several Malaysian contractors undertaking this great project of United Arab Emirates.

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