Sunday, March 16, 2008

5th RSC In House Junior Soccer Tournament 16 Mar 08

My 3 sons participated in the RSC In House Soccer Tournament @ Kiara and had a wonderful Sunday. We were at the club 10 minutes before 8.00am.
Zuyi in Team FRANCE (under 8 category)
The matching team, PERU (under 12 category) - Xiang Yi's
Shou Yi in Manchester United Team (under 16 category)
The assembling of all players, managers, coaches, officials and parents.
Attending to the National Anthem.
M. Chandaran our former National Captain and famous footballer in the 70's.

Wide angle view of the assembly.
Releasing ballons and Freeing of pigeons by VIPs.
The battle between France & Spain.
Prize Giving ceremony
Runner-up placing to Team France.
One group photo for the album.
3 medals collected, Zu Yi struck runner-up position, the other 2 got medals for participating the tournament. What a day!!! & Zuyi ended up with sun burn.

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