Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wet Day for Golf @ Rahman Putra

After finishing 4 holes a long blast of siren was out throughout the 36 holes golf course signalling all golfers to abandon play & take a break until the weather condition is improved.

Meanwhile, we headed to the Drink Hut for some hot drinks. Jan brought out her Taiping "Tau Seah Peah" for us to go with our drinks.

These golfers are truly golfers well preparewith "pak kau" playing cards for situation like this. Instead of betting in the golf course, they are doing it at the Drink Hut.
The business at the Drink Hut was suddenly good.
Fresh & warm Nasi Lemak & eggs just arrived for replenishment.
After 45 minutes later we resumed our game but not too long after 9 holes we decided to abandon the game again and requested for rain check for the back nine. What a wet day...........

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