Saturday, March 08, 2008

Malaysia Election Day @ Taman Setiawangsa

Today is the day where Malaysians are given the opportunity to decide who runs the country. For 50 years or so Malaysia has been ruled by the same political party. Malaysia is supposed to be a rich country, the wealth from our petroleum is not being properly managed resulting a lot of money wasted unneccesary and causing a lot of unhappy and angry citizen of Malaysia.

Anyway, I have done my part casting a vote for a change if not then for a stronger opposition team. Voting time started at 8.00am and will end at 5.00 this evening. We were at the polling centre 10 minutes after 8.00am and were done 25 minutes later. Tonight will be an interesting night keeping track of the Election results and will be witnessing surprises or new faces in the political arena.

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