Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lunch @ Sg Petani, Kedah Sin Yik Wah

This eatery shop is a very old shop in the heart of the old commercial area of Sg. Petani.

The place is clean despite being old in existence.

At the front of the shop, you can find their BBQ porks.

The exterior view of the shop.

A popular "Chendol" stall at the front of the shop.

Love their plain bitter gourd soup with pork.

"Mui Choy Kow Yoke"
Assam prawns & cutter fish.

Served in traditional steam rice.

This lunch with David Chan Teck Chan, a Padang Serai old buddy. Both of us travelled from P.J. straight to S.P. without stopping at any rest place. We were definitely engrossed in our conversation mostly about our good old days back in Padang Serai.

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