Wednesday, October 01, 2008

1st Day of Hari Raya - Golf @ Selesa Homes

Since it was a holiday and first day of Hari Raya Aidifitri we decided to meet up for a game of golf at Selesa Homehills Resort . This is how you can get there. We started off at CoCo's Nine which is the second nine of this golf course followed by Endah's Nine (a better nine in term of condition of the course and putting greens). Buddies putting for dough and the losers have to contribute more for the lunch. Our mode of play was Sixes.Despite this notice on the course there were workers selling balls during our game. Beautiful scenery of hill vegetation by the people of Bukit Tinggi. Lee Aik Seong showing off my monstrous drive. So can Yeaw Seng Kok. Robert Yeo executing his iron shot, a fresh golfer of 5 months old with great enthusiasm for the game. Hole No. 16, a par 5 with green near the Selesa Resort. Hole No.17, a par3 with durian trees everywhere what a scenic view. Hole No. 8, a par 4 with huge pond at your possible landing area, hence you have either to play safe to the right of the pond. Or attack with a brave tee off across the pond. The choice is yours. Hole no. 9 a par 5 the most difficult hole of Index 1. The pond before the green has got all our balls in it.Beautiful hill scenery of Selesa Golf Course. 2 turfmates,and 4 golfers, one has to walk a fair bit in this undulating commando course but we love it as it was a good exercise. At last we finished the game, it was a fantastic morning, good weather, cool and breezy which you cannot get it in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Our stomachs are growling and obviously our next plan is LUNCH at Bukit Tinggi Village which is nearby the golf club.

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