Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Progress of Bakri - Earth Import & Mobilisation Works

The weather has been kind for the last couple of days, we were able to import earth for the filling of this site at Bakri. We hope to complete the earthfilling in another 3 weeks time if the weather can stay good for the project.
While the earth keeps on coming into the site, we mobilize our preparation for the building works. Our cabins and containers are coming into the site with the expert helping to unload from the trailers. Notice the flying man at the hoist chains. Materials have also being brought in the physical works on site. The point of entry into the site.On our way back to Kuala Lumpur, we encountered an unnecessary 20 minutes traffic jam on the North-South Highway. A highway is to convenience motorists on the road and moreover we are paying to use the highway. This 20 minutes traffic jam is uncalled for after knowing that it was a Police road block. The Police have high tech laser guns to detect high speed offenders and summons could be sent out to the offenders accordingly (just like what they used to do). Why a road blocks and issuance of summons on the spot. What an inconvenient caused by these Policemen….From 3 lanes into a lane and was really frustrated when seeing these 2 policemen at the check point. We cleared we did not speed we complied with the speed limit but why why do we have to go through this hassle.

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