Thursday, April 23, 2009

I was Whacked for Failing Malay Tests

Mr. Lim, my Bahasa Malaysia teacher when I was in Standard 6A Sekolah Rendah Tunku Abdul Malik, Kulim Kedah in 1970, a teacher whom I still think was a cruel teacher. He whacked me a couple of times in front of the class for not doing well or failing his Malay Language tests. He whacked me with long rotan, with a fellow classmate holding tight of my pant so that the pain gets into my flesh. Just like a criminal whom has committed a serious crime. I think he was sick…A teacher I can still remember him not for his good guidance but for his crude way of pathing his knowledge to us. Damn you Mr. Lim… I know you are good in your Bahasa Malaysia especially being a Chinese but that is not the way you should teach us. You could be sued if you are around to do such act in these modern days in school…


Khek said...

Hi UNcle Tailim!!

OMG.. this is sick!! hahaha.. But i'm laughing hard as well.. Very very funny indeed!! hahaha :D

tamijudin said...

dear Tailim,

looks like a nephew of yours having a good laugh at your 'tragedi'. In my case there was a long list of teachers from std six all the way to form five vetting out the rotan and slap punishment. Mr Gafoor in particular had a 'special' liking in giving me a slap or two at the slightest excuse. The first started in Form 1 for using a T-shirt under my shirt(uniform) and having a handkerchief around the shirt collar! I can still smell the perfume he uses in those days when he lifted me up by my shirt collar and gave a few slaps left and right. The best teacher was Ms Emily Ng. I hope she is reading this komen>