Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tribute to my Mother in-law Madam Lim Yee Moi

Another Ching Beng at another place, this time it was for my Mother In-Law at Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur.
The queue entering the cemetery has already piled up when we were there around 6.30am. My mother in-law passed away when I was still courting my wife in the mid 80’s, she was always nice to me. And most importantly I believe she would accept me as her son in-law if she were still around when I married my dear wife. She knows that her daughter will be in good hand and that I will always take care of her daughter. The normal ritual of offering and joyous moment for everybody.

May you rest in peace. Madam Lim Yee Mooi.

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