Thursday, July 08, 2010

Glugor English School, Penang - My First School

I have never attended any preschool before. I was put straight into a primary school in Penang in 1965. The name of this school was formerly known as “Glugor English School” and now it has renamed it as SK Bukit Gelugor.
I was 7 year old then going for my first year of education. The school is about 3 miles from my house in Green Lane. I spent 3 years in this school then I moved over to Kelang Lama, Kulim to continue at Sekolah Rendah Tunku Abdul Malik.

My recollection of this school is poor or near negligible. I could only remember going to school using a box bag made of card board and has to eat a red coloured egg on the first day to school. I used to travel in a big vintage car (instead of Bas Sekolah) with big rear seat where a wooden bench “bangku” served as additional row of seat. It must have ferried quite a number of small pupils to school in that vintage car.

There were photographs taken during my years in Gelugor but unfortunately I do not have any. I just wish I could view them again. If there is anyone reading this and possesses such class photos during 1965 – 1967 please share with me.

SK Bukit Gelugor

Jalan Yeap Chor Ee

11900 GelugorPulau Pinang

Tel: 04-658 3823

Fax: 04-658 3823

E-mail :
GPS : 5.376085,100.302549

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