Friday, July 09, 2010

Lost & Found After 35 Years - Another Reunion

My mission of locating old friends is becoming fruitful recently. I have reconnected several Malay friends from my secondary school which I never thought of rekindling this friendship. I am glad we did and I believe more would surface.

I have failed to meet up with him during last Chinese New Year gathering in Kulim but yesterday I was able to meet him at Restoran Haslam for a lunch. He is none other than Mr. Ronald Koh (seated on the left). I also managed to meet another Badlishian by the name of Tony Decosta (standing on the left). He is from the same year from Sultan Badlishah School too but I have no recollection of this man for this moment of time. Brian Koh brought him along to surprise Ronald. Though we had a short lunch but it was a good reunion of its kind in KL. Ronald has to rush to catch a plane back to Penang. We shall meet again.

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