Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kentucky Fried Chicken for Lunch @ Setiawangsa, K.L.

My wife & these 2 boys had decided last night what to eat for Sunday afternoon. I have no voting right at all and was vetoed. Therefore, I had no choice but to follow them to KFC.
The mother was at the counter and the 2 greedy boys waiting patiently for their food.

Cheezy Wedges not for me.

Fun Fries – to fun out the lunch….

This is the meal the 3 of them have been talking about it last night. It is Colonel’s latest - Toasted Pocketful.

This pocket with interesting ingredients such as the Zinger Fillet, lettuce, corn kernels, crispy chicken strip, corn chips and cheese sauce wrapped in a tortilla (something like chapatti). The 3 of them enjoyed the food. I stole a bite and it was awesome.

As for me I prefer the ever original finger licking good Snack Plate with original Kentucky Fried Chicken a bit of coleslaw & mash potato. That will be fine.

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