Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome Back Again Lum Fook Leong

We were classmates reading Diploma in Building Technology at Tunku Abdul Rahman College and graduated in 1981. Besides meeting annually for a reunion dinner, we occasionally meet up for drinks & makan. Today is specially for Lum Fook Leong.

It is unbelievable that Fook Leong has suffered a stroke 3 years ago and has been recuperating in Kuching all this while. Last night we had a chance to meet up with him again at Oversea Restaurant (PJ), Asia Jaya. The last time we met was at King Crab on 14 September 2007. See here.

I am amazed with Fook Leong’s strong determination and courage despite being handicapped with this fate. I wish him all the best and continue to brave on this difficult time so that he can get better soon. And I believe he can.

We talked a lot that night, we enjoyed the food & ironically we still drink maybe it is okay on a moderation scale.

We have to be careful with our life style especially at our age. The trouble with us we constantly procrastinate the change.

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