Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kedai Ubat Yen Siew Tong, Padang Serai, Kedah

When I was a teenager I spent lesser time in my own house (an issue my late dad always complained). I spent more time here in this shop “Kedai Ubat Yen Siew Tong” since I befriended these 2 brothers Tony Lew & Micky Lew in the 70’s.

Tony Lew Hoy Siong standing next to fabric showcase of their tailoring corner.

This shop used to be a tailor shop and a Chinese Medical Hall. Now it has changed more of a convenience shop.

Kedai Ubat Yen Siew Yen has another branch in Sg. Kob and is managed by my good childhood friend Tony Lew.

This is the Hakka couple, Mr. Lew & Mrs. Lew whom I used to see them everyday during that time. I virtually eat there in the shop sometime sleep there during the weekends. They are always part of my life and I respect them very much. Mr. Lew has also tailored a few shirts and pants for me. Now he and the wife are enjoying seeing their grand children growing and multiplying.

I was able to expose myself to some Hakka culture (mostly food) and understand a bit of Hakka dialect. I learnt how to eat hygienically at this place, especially being Chinese using chopsticks to eat. This good habit that I cultivated over here is always with me.

Kedai Ubat Yen Siew Tong
Jalan Lunas
Padang Serai
GPS : 5.512097,100.554525


Wan Mokhtar Bin Awg.Ramlee Al-Sambas said...

TaiLim, this story and pics takes me back down memory lane. As i hve told u b4 that i spent a good many years growing up in Padang Serai (1949 thru 1959)..... Jalan Lunas Padang Serai one memory that i juz cant 4get elder bro fell in love with a girl whose dad was a school teacher and lived along that road,......

Sin Tai Lim said...

Dave - My wife has been complaining about me being romantic with the past. I think I am suffering a similar sickness like yours. Hehehehe.

nadz said...

Tai Lim,
N3 awak begitu memberi nostalgia buat saya. Saya tetap ingat semua kedai-kedai di Jalan Lunas. Kedai tailor tu pun saya amat ingat. Saya kayuh basikal petang-petang balik dari sekolah ke kampung memory

Sin Tai Lim said...

nadz - I can imagine that after the row of shophouses, the dewan the klinik then into the shady road to home (tak panas langsung). Year end lagi scenic with the pokok getah getting botak with autumn colour of the fallen leaves....