Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Dinner at Singapore Cricket Club (新加坡板球俱乐部)

After the competition we proceeded to Singapore Cricket Club for a good fellowship dinner. The clubhouse is located at the famous Padang of Singapore’s Business Centre.

At our table were (from left) James, Dr. Jekinder Singh, myself, our good host Yap Giau Peck, Jeff, Nick and Soo Weng Heng.

The Convenor of the Golf Section of SCC Lim Khoon at the second right and Elizabeth Nair. Thank you SCC.

My prize for this competition.

RSC versus SCC - the result.....

And the winner was RSC with an overall score of 11-3. We shall see you again in Malaysia next year.

We were fortunate to have a view of a rehearsal for the coming National Day of Singapore at the Padang.

Singapore Cricket Club (新加坡板球俱乐部)
Connaught Drive
GPS : 1.288845,103.851924

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