Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dinner with Malacca Club Golf Section @ Batam Indonesia

As defending champion we carefully brought this Trophy to Batam for the 2010 Challenge and were pleased to declare winner again this year. So this Trophy remains in the safe keeping of Royal Selangor Club. Well Done RSC.

Our dinner was held at “Lucky Seafood” restaurant, one of the many shop houses in Nagoya Batam, Indonesia. We had a good time at the first floor of this seafood restaurant.

It was time to give small speeches by both Convenors.
Paul Chua our appointed man to select and order the food for the night.

And finally the official presentation of the Trophy for 2010 Challenge. Friends from the Malacca Club.

KL Tan the organizer for a special category for RSC members and Dr. Mano the Master of Ceremony. Friends from Malacca Club toasting with the RSC boys.

2nd Runner Cash Winner were Chan & myself. 1st Runner Cash Winner were Dato Hari & Tam Chiew Seng.

The first cash winners were Johnny Soon & Jeff Hoh. Colin, the winner of the Wooden Spoon Award.

Colin & his partner of the Day, William. Jeff & Soon were enjoying the coconut water and staying away from the whiskey water.

Another private group cell de Bengali Warriors whom also have their own private bet. And the winners of the Bengali Warriors.
These were the makanan Laut we had for the night:-

The steamed crabs were gorgeous. A good plate of Kangkung Belacan fried the Batam way.

Sweet & Sour Grouper Fish was sedap. A plate of fried rice to fill up the loose voids in the tummy.

Batter prawns fresh and crunchy. Deep Fried Kampong Chicken crispy and delicious.

Petai, angle bean stir fried with anchovies. Batam fried Lala.

Lucky Seafood Reastaurant
Nagoya Batam

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