Friday, August 13, 2010

Japan 23 BBQ & Steamboat @ Setapak

This is a relatively new and interesting place to dine at Setapak. I have been following this eatery joint for a while. It first started at Air Panas but was torn down immediately (most likely by the Authority). Now they have moved to Taman Danau Kota (behind the Shell & Petronas Petrol Stations @ Jalan 3/23A).

The pricing looks reasonable Eat All You Can @ RM24.80 for Adult and RM13.00 for Children. The operator uses his discretion to indentify who is child and who is not a child. The best part it is subject to negotiation, very friendly indeed.

The BBQ pan comes with a central pot for steamboat. Just be careful with the central pot it is quite unstable. Take your time and enjoy your food.

Why Japan 23 maybe they serve a little bit of sushi ....

Shell food of all shapes and sizes.

The live frogs & the crabs are waiting for you.

There are the many varieties of food for both BBQ and steamboat.

Many would go for food that is value for money like prawns, crabs, fish, frog and red meat but make sure you finish whatever you take or not you will be charged for wastage by weight.

This is my creation of myABC with pineapple, 4 scoops of ice cream, nipah seeds, nuts and many more others that I like. That was my best pick of the evening. There are others like Tong Sui, fruits, jelly etc etc…..all these to complete your meal as dessert.

Japan 23 BBQ Steamboat

Off Jalan 3/23A
Taman Danau KotaJalan Genting KlangKuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur

GPS : 3.201066,101.721177


Vivien said...

wow, live frogs, first time

choi yen said...

live frogs? O.O

thenomadGourmand said...

Indeed it is value for money!
I guess it could be due to te location as well

foodbin said...

great value.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Vivien - croak croak I m alive...

choi yen - yes it's croaking

thenomadGourmand - it's promotion time now.. supposed 2 b 40plus ringgit per head.

foodbin - indeed value for money