Friday, August 06, 2010

We Like A Chai's Cooking at Batam Island

We found a good eating place near where we were staying (Harmoni Hotel) at Nagoya. And the shop is called "Kedai Kopi New Holiday". We patronized the place twice. Ah Chai is the owner cum cook of this place and his food is generally simple yet gorgeous.
We like his cooking and the freshness of the seafood, without any objection from the group to ask him to prepare for our following day’s lunch.

This is a common sight of a typical eatery place in Batam Island where air conditioned shops are rare.

Tam, Tan, Ting, Tay, myself and Paul Chua checking the bill with A Chai after our good lunch at New Holiday.

Tan, Tay, Chan and Allen Yuen chatting while waiting for the food to come.

K.L. Tan organising a separate mode of play for our golf game at Southlinks Golf Course.

A Chai at work.

A Chai showing us the freshness of the seafood and this one was our sole fish.

The serving of Chinese tea is different from Malaysia, the tea leaves are in small pellets and kept in plastic bag. A glass of hot water served with a plastic cover. That's your Chinese tea, Sir.

Grouper fish head meant for our curry dish.

There were a variety for fresh seafood available here and we took the 4 crabs.

These were the dishes we savoured from this simple kitchen.

A before and after steaming of the delicious crabs.

Stir fried bean sprouts with salted fish.
Sole fish was fried and served with preserved bean it is a popular Teochew cuisine.

This is the wonderful curry fish head and a taste of Batam Sambal Belacan (slightly different from Malaysia but it tasted good).

Just like our Muar Otak Otak and the cone shape plain rice is unique.

Free Range Chicken cooked with Sesame oil and soy sauce. Calamari fried with onions.

This was our first day's order - a steamed fish head fresh and tasty.

Ikan Bakar from the other stall and A Chai's seafood soup.

Kedai Kopi New Holiday
Komp. New Holiday
Blok A No.3 - 4am
Tel : 0778-700-5633
Nagoya - Batam

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