Monday, August 09, 2010

RSC versus Malacca Club @ South Links Golf Course, Batam Island, Indonesia

This interport game between Malacca Club and Royal Selangor Club has been going on strongly over the years and lately the playing fields have been interestingly selected. Both clubs are the oldest clubs in Malaysia founded in 1880 and 1884 respectively. This year the challenge was played at the Indonesia islands at Batam. Specifically at SouthLinks Golf Course.

These were the warriors from both clubs fighting through the rain like cats and dogs.

Getting ready for the group photo session.

At my flight from left were Colin (an Aussie), William, myself and my partner Dr. Mano. The flight in front of us was the honourary flight with both Convenors playing. Dato Harris and Tay from RSC.

Our friendly oponents at the first Tee Box the Convenor and apparently the future Convenor for Malacca Club.

It was a wet affair and fortunately we managed to complete the game.

The beautiful golf course and the fairly new buggy at SouthLinks.

Attractive design of the club’s waste bin & ash tray. Plaque showing the details of the Hole no.7

A prominent Hindu Temple next to South Links Golf Course.

At the Golfer’s Terrace before the Tee Off.

One for the album.

Southlinks Country Club

Address: JL Gajah Mada Km9 Skp Sei LAdi Sekupang
Batam Indonesia
Phone: +62778 324 128/168
Fax: +62778 323
Batam phone: +62 778 323 837 Fax: +62 778 323 849
Singapore Phone: +65 6278 7079 Fax: +65 6270 0029

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