Sunday, February 06, 2011

CNY's Eve Dinner @ Tung Lok Seafood East Coast Parkway, Singapore

For the first time I was not reunited with my family for a reunion dinner on the eve of a Chinese New Year. This Year of the Rabbit we were celebrating with my sister’s law in Singapore, And the dinner was in Tung Lok Seafood @ East Coast Parkway.

It has been a common practice to attend such dinner in shifts especially on a festive season like Chinese New Year. This dinner was on a second shift 8.30pm onwards. I thought it only happened in Malaysia. The dinner was sumptuous and everyone went back with bloated stomach. After all Chinese New Year is all about eating and eating.

Yee Sang tasted slightly different here, it was on a tangy side but good and yummy. It definitely looks good too. The Singapore taste.

And it was time to “Lou” for everything good for this year of the Rabbit.

Treasure Bowl was a delicious dish with sumptuously rich ingredients in it like abalone, dried oysters, scallops and mushroom

This was a real treasure dish in deed. Rich & delicious.

Deep fried prawns with Wasabi mayo sauce was awesome, fresh & juicy in the inside bite. That was also an award wining dish in 2000 for Tung Lok. Many restaurants in Singapore are serving this dish.

Tofu coated with seaweeds fried with small Pak Choy & cute small mushroom was tasty too.

Roasted chicken was delicious, the meat was tender with crispy skin.

I guess this is a signature dish, Mee Goreng of Tung Lok and it really tasted magnificent. All Mamak must try this. Thumb up for this great cuisine of Singapore taste.

And lastly we have a dessert to seal off the dinner. It was a gorgeous dinner but I missed the drinking part. I dare not touch any alcohol as drink & drive offense is too serious in Singapore. Chinese tea will do.

Too much too eat, let’s not waste the food & “tau pau” back for breakfast and after all foods were difficult to find on the first two days of Chinese New Year.

Tung Lok Seafood 乐酒家
1000 East Coast Parkway
2F Marine Cove Singapore
Tel: +65 6246 0555

GPS : 1.301262,103.913272


Somewhere in Singapore said...

U come Singapore, never contact me :(

Sin Tai Lim said...

SIS - sorry CNY was a tight schedule for us in Singapore, maybe next trip....Kong Hee Huat Chai

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Kong Hee Huat Chai to u and your family too!!!