Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Singapore Flyer & Esplanade @ Marina Bay

Here we come Singapore Flyer, I thought it was known as “Eye on Singapore”. The observation wheel is huge (in fact the world largest) and Malaysia we are one down as far as mega size is concerned and also where world record is concerned too.

My boys were doing the introduction of this wheel attraction.
We had a good view of Singapore City from the wheel especially the surrounding area of Marina Bay.

A view of the capsule where we were housed for approximately 30 minutes and there are a total of 28 capsules in this wheel.

Though the weather was slightly cloudy but that did not damper our chance to have a good skyline view. Another tall & open air observation deck of the Sands Skypark can be seen nearby. Peoples see each other from these observation places.

The city is ever transforming into an ultra-modern city, works is still on going and hope we will be back to see them when they are completed. We see a blend of the old & new structures of Singapore and it is amazingly unique.

Cai Shen  de Chinese God of Prosperity was there to give out chocolate "gold coin" to visitors.

From the sky we landed ourselves at the river mouth of Singapore River. The old Singapore of this area and what we see now is different the land area has increased tremendously.

From the Esplanade you can have a majestic view of the city skyscrapers and the waterfront.

We took a leisure stroll at this beautiful Esplanade of Singapore.


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Did u go River Hong Bao (start on 1st Feb to 13th Feb)

Sin Tai Lim said...

Is River Hong Bao @ Esplanade there were lion dance, cultural performance etc etc that day. And I guess that's Hong Bao lah...