Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kimly Seafood @ Hougang Park Food Station

We had another sumptuous CNY dinner at a suburban area of Singapore somewhere in Hougang Avenue 8. The dining place is actually in a food court surrounded by tall apartments just like a typical scene of a Singaporean high rise dwelling. This place is really packed with dinners and most of them were patronising Kimly Seafood’s stall.

We were eating shark fins soup which we are supposed to stop eating such delicacy. But our host has already pre-ordered the food so we have no choice.

A typical four season cuisine with standard combination of salad prawns, seafood fried balls, sweet sauce coated meat and kerabu sea weeds.

A well steamed red snapper which was fresh and delicious.

This chicken dish was different, the skin was reddish in colour which was something new to me. The meat was tender and good.

This was a confusion done by the waitress a wrong delivery to our table and was taken away subsequently. We wanted veggie badly.

A replica of Tung Lok’s wasabi-mayo sauce fried prawn but nothing like the ori @ Tung Lok. Though this dish did not look as attractive as Tung Lok’s but we were satisfied with the freshness of the prawns and tastiness of this dish.

At last we see veggie with mushroom and dry Tofu sheet, we have been eating too much of meat during this festive season.

And we get another veggie this time it was lotus root, celery fried with scallops & cashew nuts.

Another frightening chunky dish appeared, a braised pork trotter I had to shy away from this meaty dish my tummy has reached it limit…..

This was a set dinner and a dinner too heavy for us and before the dessert come we have to eat this plate of noodles. Despite it was delicious but I could only take a few strands of it as I have already surrendered myself. And a walk over for the dessert.

It is alright we eat and eat during this Chinese New Year hopefully by the 15th Day of CNY we will refrain ourselves from such unusual habit……

Kimly Seafood
Hougang Street 61
GPS : 1.374689,103.886611

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