Monday, February 14, 2011

The Return of the Ch_Bai Game.

The tension has been brewing for quite a while between two particular ethnic groups at a particular gangland and it was between a group of Chinese and Punjabi (also commonly known as Baii) hardcore.

Finally the dust has settled after a fight and it was time to set a side the duel and have a sumptuous dinner together.They called it “The Ch_bai” showdown. The word is vulgar but they like it, a combination of the words “Chinese” and “Baii”.
As Malaysians and in the spirit of Chinese New Year we jointly celebrated the festival and it was truly a wonderful evening.

Despite losing the game, Captain Wong gave a few good words and everyone was looking forward for the future games.

Dato’ Nashatar Singh our former Olympian was here with us. He enjoyed himself with the company & the karaoke and we hope to see him again.

Captain from the other group also exchanged a few good words and agreed that the game should be continued as desired by both parties.

They bragged a lot they argued a lot and eventually they celebrated. Just look at their faces such a loving pair.

There were abundance of foods, drinks, songs & fellowship. Let keep the spirit forever going. Meanwhile for the record it was 2-1 in favour of the Baii.

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