Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 11 - 3rd Day in Paris Versailles Tour

The owner of  this bicycle will be disappointed to see his wheel missing @ St. Michel fountain.
What a day....raining and underground train under repair.
From St. Michel station we went to another station for another train SNCF (double decker) to Versailles a bit outskirt of central Paris.
Versailles Train Station.
A posh hotel on the way to the Palace of Versailles.
Approaching the Palace.... with modern sculpture at the entrance.
Even the horses have good accommodation back during King Louis IV's time.
Our Tour Guide, Linda from Sandemans New Europe.
This was the fencing where the angry common women came in thousands to tear down and got hold of Queen Marie Antoinette and sent back to Paris for execution.
The Grand Apartments of those days is under now refurbishment.
This is the back yard of the Palace, the mega garden of Versailles.
Too big & you can easily get lost in this gigantic garden.
Time for a break before the second half of the tour.
Everywhere looks the same green, green, fountain and many fountains.
The musical fountain of Versailles.
Coming back from the garden and going up the steps leading to the Palace.
And you see this beautiful and meticulously manicured garden next to the palace.
Bye bye Versailles
That's it for the day and back to Montmantre for a simple dinner and tomorrow will be another day.

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