Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 9 - Second Day in Paris

Let walk again and see places but where are we going....

St Michel Fountain a place where we are supposed to meet for a free day tour.
The crowd slowly grew the response was very good coupled with the excellent weather in Paris.
Here is our Tour Guide for the next 4 hours and his name is Ohno.
He took us through smelly bridge with good explanation.
many bridges with many stories for every each and everyone of them.
He continued to enlighten us with exciting stories and sometime very funny.
An island at the middle of River Seine.
The unique "Lover Bridge" with hundreds of pad locks symbolising the strong & bonded love.
Couple posing for wedding photos in the midst of the crowded spot.....
The Louvre Pyramid ....... though it was only a brief introduction of this majestic place by Ohno but we pledge to come back & visit in depth soon.
Good Tour Company called "Sandemans New Europe", reliable & good guides....
After 2 hours of walking many of us want to visit a toilet and during this break we were told to visit either McDonalds or Star Bucks for a quick lunch & for a pee.
Behind Cleopatra's Needle is the smaller Triumph Arch du Carrousel
The statue of the horses on top of the arch is a fake one, the original has been returned to Venice, it was taken by Napolean Bonaparte.
Jardin des Tuileries Garden
Walking across a road and took this picture "Arc de Triomphe".
Our Tour Guide, Ohno is summarising the 4 hours walking tour, though it was supposed to be a free tour but most of us gave him a good tip. Well Done Ohno.
Trishaw of Paris
Pleaseeeee don't spear me......
Let's stop for a drink and use their toilet. Public toilets in Paris are difficult to come by.
What a unique tricycle.
Demonstration on a Sunday @ Eiffel Tower just like most cities in the world.
The crowd underneath the Eiffel Tower on a Sunday afternoon during summer time.
Tons of steel work built during olden times. It's just amazing.
Buying ticket for a river cruise along River Seine.
Awesome sightseeing along River Seine.

People will do anything just to take a picture of their favourite spot.
Duck confit with potato.
A restaurant near Le Regent Hostel. And good night see you tomorrow.

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