Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 13 - Explore London along River Thames (Part 1)

Good Morning London, wake up early and went roaming @ the neighbourhood of King Cross Station.
In Kuala Lumpur we do have this service we called it "Alam Flora".
After breakfast at the hotel, we continued our exploration.
Tower of London, we have been into the castle before and no more seeing the inner part of the castle.
The famous River Thames, changing each time you see the river.
This is Tower bridge and we shall cross to the other side of Central London.
New architectural structures versus the ancient buildings of London
Approaching the Maritime Museum.
Hay's Galleria provides some shopping & leisure if you desire.
Reaching the station of London Bridge
We shall not take the station yet, let's go to the market.
Borough Market - a good food market to visit.
Patisserie Lila @1 Bedales
Small French sweet confectionery called macaroon & ugly lumps of meringue.
Turkish sweet & strawberry stall.
I ate these fresh oysters, 4 for 3.5 pounds, with a dash of Tabasco & lemon, the oysters were delicious ... I think I can take half a dozen easily.

Buying sausages from this stall.
Wild boar & pork sausages.
What a picnic at the open air compound, eat like the local does and drink the apple cider drink. I want to come here again & eat.
Carefully biting the macaron ....
 Chicken masala, Thai green curry prepared by Angmio, took samples of them and it tasted good.
Fresh Elephant Garlic, scape & Garlic bulbs.
Roast to go, crispy & good. Siew Yok
Duck sandwiches
The drinking corner
One picture with the friendly baker.

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