Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 4 - Convocation Day @ University of Edinburgh

Let start with a good breakfast before we start our fourth Day in UK.
Tay family getting ready to walk across the road to University of Edinburgh
This was the ultimate goal for being in Edinburgh and it is finally achieved.
hApPy HaPpY for a good occasion
The Tay Brothers.
What a memorable atmosphere at the university.
Celebration @ Shilla Korean Restaurant
Kim Chee
Sweet & sour prawns and super delicious soup.
Spicy seafood noodle - Jjam bbong
As we were heading to the famous Edinburgh Castle I detoured right in front of the castle and went for a separate study tour.
My school in Edinburgh
12 pounds for this experience including one shot of Laphroaig whiskie and a small souvenir.
That the way you check the alcohol content of your whiskie.
I guess I have also graduated from something in Scotland.
My angmio lecturer

Welcome to this popular pizza shop in UK - Pizza Express
Next to us is this counter preparing the Italian pizzas.
Peroni Nastro Azzurro - an easy and soothing beer
Aspall Cider
Antipasto - cured Italian meat with blah blah...and dough sticks.
Patiently waiting though everyone was already very hungry.....
Monte Bianco Romana Pizza
Margheritta Pizza
Rustichella Romana Pizza - thinner & crisper
Pollo Verdure Salad
Pollo ad Astra Pizza
It was a marvellous Italian dinner in Edinburgh.

We need to rent a car for our road trip and this was the car.... most of the cars in UK are of manual transmission something I find it weird.
See you tomorrow for our Day 5 adventure.

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Kash said...

Dear Mr. Sin Tai Lim,

Cars in europe are mainly manual because of less congestion,also in bad weather it's easier to drive a manual,especially in snow or ice.